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  Никита Акельев 3da33f87c7 Add QualityGate check 2 years ago
  Никита Акельев a1a63b9ff1 Add sonar-project.properties usage 2 years ago
  Rogan 15157105c5
Merge pull request #10 from TelluIoT/master 2 years ago
  Rogan 3beb2a20f8
Merge pull request #12 from aosapps/roganw-patch-1 2 years ago
  Rogan 82d5dbb1db
update sonar-scanner to 2 years ago
  Antoine Pultier cbac21bf04 🐳 The drone-sonar binary is compiled using a multi-stage docker build 2 years ago
  Rogan 8738de3efa
Merge pull request #8 from saitho/feature/branch-configuration 2 years ago
  Mario Lubenka d0fc9a1d7f Adds setting for branch analysis 2 years ago
  Mario Lubenka 6c61395706 Pass branch name to Sonar 2 years ago
  Rogan d2afbb890a update yaml format 3 years ago
  Rogan 4e7f76260b delete file 3 years ago
  Rogan 6f03bd9281 update built file 3 years ago
  Rogan 3d7a3b15dc
Merge pull request #1 from OnekO/update/drone-1.0 3 years ago
  kpresumido d57e2a5546 Improved Dockerfile 3 years ago
  kpresumido b3f7d8facd Updated sonar-scanner 3 years ago
  Rogan 72e741c565 update docs 3 years ago
  Rogan 870b72226b add tested code 3 years ago
  Rogan 59fadd10f3
Initial commit 3 years ago