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  Vasilii T e7477f49df
Merge pull request #1 from DaniilSezonov/master 2 years ago
  silent 0aba6ca3bf Refactoring for Django minor versions. 3 years ago
  silent f109b637df Add Django 2.1.5 and latest support. 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief abcddaad2f
Merge pull request #263 from charleswhchan/update-examples 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 2cac54f8c9 always use manage.py migrate 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief f23f1481fc fix include for Django-2 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief f204059d6f Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jrief/django-websocket-redis 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 61736abc84 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jrief/django-websocket-redis 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 80b5ec4966 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jrief/django-websocket-redis 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 2a1066bb07 fix tuple comparision 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief af0d7dce59 fix tuple comparision 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief c79d6e55bb attempt to fix tests for Django-2 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief a5f54a5d25 drop support for Django-1.5 and 1.6 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 32dc50c8dc attempt with different requirements 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 00b2382ec3 fix url pattern 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 4b900d34d4 fix Django-1.10 incompatibilities 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief cbb34c6a17 fix Django-1.11 incompatibilities 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 999434b7d5 larger exclude matrix 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief c95918a1b7 larger exclude matrix 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 1d4032518b attempt to run tests with Python 3.4-3.6 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 6ad52c6581 Bump to version 0.5.2 3 years ago
  Charles Chan 528deecf1d Update examples to match with documentation 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 07e2f2d41e
Merge pull request #260 from charleswhchan/update-whats-new 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 9a67b09071
Merge pull request #259 from charleswhchan/fix-typo-in-running.rst 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 5c19dae5cc
Merge pull request #257 from charleswhchan/clarify-ws4redis-expire 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 1d96a9633c
Merge pull request #256 from charleswhchan/clarify-wsredis-subscriber-setting 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief 7227181a5b
Merge pull request #258 from charleswhchan/clarify-django.core.context_processors 3 years ago
  Charles Chan c1ee75d30f Remove What's New and link to changelog.rst 3 years ago
  Charles Chan d97d45c2ed Fix typo: Configuratin --> Configuration 3 years ago
  Charles Chan 0c2aa45646 Clarify django.core.context_processors has been deprecated after django 1.8 3 years ago
  Charles Chan a92a28238c Fixes #250 3 years ago
  Charles Chan 894a78d2a5 Clarify WS4REDIS_SUBSCRIBER 3 years ago
  Jacob Rief a830aa7928
Merge pull request #254 from orn688/patch-1 4 years ago
  Oliver Newman 7701ff5b5b
Fix typos in README.md 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief 6cc5731364 Merge pull request #248 from gtnx/issue-206 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thomas f4b494252b Issue #206 Fix Safari websocket problem on runserver 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief e55e5730a4 Bump to version 0.5.1 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief 8f2d33569d Merge pull request #237 from erikreed/python3-binary-receive 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief f2640910cf Merge pull request #239 from erikreed/django-v1.11-status-fix 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief 06e2a2b341 Merge pull request #241 from jenda1/master 4 years ago
  Jan Lana 8bc40b06f8 fix support for Unix Domain Sockets 4 years ago
  Erik Reed c0d5c9e153 Fix websocket closed status code compatibility with Django v1.11 4 years ago
  Erik Reed 4dc11285e4 Handle binary messages in Python 3 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief e6634c2dfa Merge pull request #235 from erikreed/persisted 4 years ago
  Erik Reed e050fa0c16 correctly spell persisted 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief fd66174aa3 Merge pull request #233 from gtnx/issue-232 4 years ago
  Guillaume Thomas c82488b70b Allow WS4REDIS_PROCESS_REQUEST to be a string 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief a81a35af3a Bump to version 0.5.0 4 years ago
  Jacob Rief 35a7625192 Merge pull request #226 from mlambir/master 4 years ago
  Mariano Lambir 0bc6f5cb54 add kwargs to monkeypatched run function 4 years ago